With extensive design iteration, we have developed an innovative, conformal mounting system that allows our probes to be mounted to any wing surface in under 20 minutes. Our mounting system is fastener-free, requires no modification to the aircraft, and has been flight-tested to 245 knots!


Our probes use an incredible, custom-engineered air data computer (ADC) that weighs just 28 grams. Providing up to 24 hours of flight test on a single lithium cell, the ADC packs solid-state pressure transducers and a cutting-edge 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter onto a miniscule 2.14" x 1.68" footprint.


Our extensive use of high-quality carbon fiber pultrusion in combination with our in-house 3D printing capability enable us to create extremely lightweight, yet very robust probes at a blistering pace. This capability also allows us to quickly turnaround custom mounts or probe configurations.


Wireless Pitot-Static Probe

- Measures airspeed and altitude

- Airspeed: 50-200 KIAS +/- 2 knots (custom ranges available!)

- Altitude: 0-25000 feet +/- 25 feet

Wireless Five-Hole Probe

- Measures airspeed, altitude, angle of attack, and angle of sideslip

- Airspeed: 50-200 KAIS +/- 2 knots

- Altitude: 0-25000 feet +/- 25 feet

- AOA/AOS: -15 to +15 degrees +/- 0.5 degree


Our wireless air data probes can be installed on any airplane in a matter of minutes. Data is transmitted to a tablet or laptop in the cockpit or in a chase aircraft for viewing in real-time, and is logged in easy-to-use CSV files for post analysis.

Minimize integration time and maximize data utility. Go wireless.

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